Those are some movies and multimedia projects I made during my studies at the University of Cologne. Most of them are in German.

The Artist is Absent

July 2016

An art/web project about image synthesizing with neural networks and non-human actors in art.


Salmon Creek

March 2016

A 3D-animation I created from scratch in Blender. Never again.

Welches Tier bist Du?

September 2015

An art project about online quizzes in the tone of  ‘what animal are you? Take this test to find out’. It’s written in PHP and uses MySQL to store the results.

Website (German)


April 2015

A short film about a humanities conferences held by some of my professors over the weekend. Recorded and cut by two friends and me.


January 2015

This is a short film I made with two fellow students for the 99 fire films award.

Das Stadtarchiv

March 2015

An art project about the Historical Archives of the City of Cologne that collapsed in 2009. It’s written in pure HTML and Javascript (using jQuery and fullpage.js)

Website (German)
Projektbeschreibung (German)


July 2014

A short film about racism.

By Laura Albers, Kok Hung Cheong, Moritz L’Hoest, Philipp Pasternak, Naomi Salbert, Teresa Stockem